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At the core of Nature Sense is the use of Nature Therapy or Health Coaching in the reduction of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. It’s is a gentle, yet deeply effective therapeutic modality.

Increasingly Nature Sense programmes are being undertaken as a remedy to modern living; balancing an over immersion in technology, screen time or social media.  Forest Bathing is a favourite for private groups, families and business.  These are bespoke for your group . 

Our  In Real Life Only outdoor training for Coaches and Therapists is always a Huge Success.  This year too we had sold out dates and had truly such a great time. .  Next 2024 Dates – join us.  

Nature’s regenerative powers have proven to be beneficial in broader areas from ADHD, loneliness and erosion of self confidence amongst so many other modern dis-ease.  We do special Walk and Talk sessions to accommodate this.  

Nature Sense is an effective balance to the fast pace of city demands and our London living. It is about  optimising your living – the original natural biohack. Nature Sense is preventative health for the body and mind.

Going outside to heal inside
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Getting outside in London

Nature Therapy is defined as “the prescriptive, evidence-based use of natural settings and nature-based interventions”.

Nature Sense is about Optimal Living in a modern world. Recognising our urban life has changed us, but understanding by not loosing sight of our ancestral wisdom we can balance our fast paced lives.  It’s about harmony and a healthy homeostasis.  It’s about balancing the Stress and bringing you Relaxation and Peace.  Unravelling problems naturally or just enjoying the great outside.

Going outside to heal inside

Nature Sense Training courses London for therapists and coaches
Nature Sense morning in central London

How can you do Nature Sense in a big city?  

London is one of the Greenest cities in the world!

Forty percent of the capitals surface area has public green spaces, covering thirty-five thousand acres of gardens, public parks and woodlands. Not only making it one of the best places in the world to visit but to live and work in too.

All these green spaces also encouraging people to be much more active, therefore, more healthy which if we used them more would result in reduced costs to the NHS!

Let’s get outside to heal inside.  

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