Nature Therapy Recommended Reading

This is an ever expanding list.  
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Book Worm in the House

Richard Louv
Last Child in the Woods
Vitamin N: The Essential Guide to a Nature-Rich Life,
The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age

Jorn Viumdal
Skogluft (Forest Air) The Norwegian Secret to Bringing the Right Plants Indoors to Improve Your Health and Happiness

Linda Buzzell
Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind

Theodore Roszak
Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth/Healing the Mind

Claire Cooper Marcus, Naomi Sachs
Therapeutic Landscapes: An Evidence-Based Approach to Designing Healing Gardens and Restorative Outdoor Spaces

Wallace Nichols
Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do

John Ratey
Go Wild: Eat Fat, Run Free, Be Social, and Follow Evolution’s Other Rules for Total Health and Well-being

The Earth Has a Soul: C.G.Jung’s Writings on Nature, Technology and Modern Life

Eva Selhub, Alan Logan
Your Brain on Nature

Daniel Winterbottom, Amy Wagenfield
Therapeutic Gardens: Design for Healing Spaces

Peter Wohlleben
The Hidden Life of Trees

UK charity ‘Mind’ on Ecotherapy

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