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  • The future is here: self-driving cars, virtual assistants, and groundbreaking medical technologies—along with stubbornly high and growing rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disorders, allergies, asthma …   We’re
  • lets get healthy
    A Historical Look at Health :  What can we learn from Paleo Times? People are always surprised to hear that we as a species are not at our peak!  We
  • nature Therapy for healing trauma
    EMDR’s roots are originally based in Nature. First what is EMDR?  It stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing and by reputation known as a proven, effective therapy for trauma. Originating
  • Going outside is good for you
    Time outdoors can do wonders for our mental health, but we often neglect to fit it into our day. Green therapy helps us to feel connected and embrace uncertainty, says
  • ancestral living nature sense spain and london
    We’re mammals that lived 90% of our life outdoors.  Now we’re over 90% indoors, “So what!”  we shout from our Alexa managed, central heating life, while drinking a diet soda
  • CBD therapy in London.
    As a specialist in Anxiety Solutions I am increasingly being asked both professionally and by friends just ‘What is CBD’? We’re hearing so much about CBD these days, people talking
  • turmeric curcumin nature sense
    Nature Sense is not just about being out in nature it’s also about an ancestral rediscovery of it’s gold  .. How better than to take a close up look at
  • walk and talk london therapy nature
    Going outside is a proven feel good. Uncomplicated and forgiving. What is Walking Therapy?  It’s therapy outside.  I often sit with my clients on a big tree trunk, shaded by
  • Fountain of Youth Tibetan Rites
    Ancestral or ancient movement practices such as the daily Tibetan Rites have been passed down from exactly where and from whom we don’t know.  Just as the pyramids don’t entirely
  • Mmmmm it’s like that smell transports us. With winter getting closer, the parks are getting their last manicure until Spring.  So let’s get under the hood of that lawnmower! How
  • Are you an Active Couch Potato? Living a modern life for many means we’re spending increasing periods of time sitting.  Since 1960 the number of jobs that involves sedentary activity
  • Nature sense - medical perspective
    Nature therapy is an, evidence-based field in medicine. It is defined as “the prescriptive, evidence-based use of natural settings and nature-based interventions”. Simply put, it’s about using nature to help
  • naturesense reading list for nature therapy and forest therapy
    This is an ever expanding list.   Please do send me your favourite suggestions   Book Worm in the House Richard Louv Last Child in the Woods Vitamin N: The
  • Here’s some of the QUESTIONS that people ask me in my practice? Why don’t I have FOMO but JOMO? I’m anxious but I just don’t know why. I’m so tired
  • The groundbreaking benefits behind your barefoot summer Ah, summer—the season of barbecues, long weekends and holidays. A time of year when many of us just like to kick off our
  • Seasonal affective disorder nature Sense
    .. or are you more a bear? Understanding SAD:  Seasonal Affective Disorder. With the nights getting longer, some of us are truly affected. Understanding that this is just our inner
  • naturesense supplementation
    The wisdom of our ancestors certainly is an important measure to optimising our biology but there’s nothing wrong with taking a closer look at how they lived to see what
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