Fiona Austin Nature Sense

Fiona Austin heads up Nature Sense. She is a psychotherapist and positive psychologist specialising in Anxiety and related issues.  When not seeing her clients in her private practice in central London, she is teaching coaches and therapists in person and around the world how to integrate walk and talk session into their work .

Fiona Austin Anxiety Specialist, Health Optimisation Natural Biohacker Nature Sense
Fiona Austin : Nature Sense

Fiona describes herself as a Natural Biohacker – which is all about optimising your health – body and mind – as close to how nature intended.  “When you live in one of the busiest cities in the world, that can be a challenge! ” And it’s this challenge that Fiona has ‘hacked’  for her clients in order to help them combat stress, burnout and anxiety related issues.  She is bringing people outside to heal inside.

Fiona works at her stand up desk and most mornings puts in some forest bathing -( yes you can do this in central London ) with her dog not far behind.  She aims to work ‘circadianly’ and integrates earthing and some ‘spectacular smoothies’ into her daily ritual.

Fiona runs a number of programmes related to nature – as well as helping her clients to simply live optimally.

Through Nature Sense Fiona also acts as a support to GP’s, NHS, Charities as well as Private Practice by introducing Eco therapy as a safe referral option.

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