Forest Bathing | Shinrin Yoku in London

“A wonderful experience that we can build on forever”

This is the feedback we received for our Forest Bathing and Nature Therapy event last summer.

This year 2021 we’re running morning and evening experiences between April and October.  We also run quite a number of private events for families, friends and often times small office groups.  These latter events are held in areas of your choosing.

What you will need to bring.

A whistle, something to sit on (rug or mat) and the realisation that you’ll have your phone on airplane mode!

What to Expect
The experience is as a Walk and Talk.

Your two hours does not cover a large or complicated area. The point of your time is to experience a different type of relaxation and flow. It’s about making a connection that can be with you for a lifetime. It’s an introduction to reconnecting to what’s real and disconnecting from what is not.

What we cover.

🌻 Nature as Therapy
🌳 The Power of Trees.
🌿 Breathing in what Trees Breathe out and how to do this.
🌻 Benefits and Effects of Forest Bathing.
🌳 Finding a sit spot
🌿 Forest Invitations
🌻 Confiding in Trees (not outloud!)
🌳 Nature’s medicine cabinet
🍵 Tea and Talk


Where this can take place.

We can pick any wooded area and for private Forest Bathing or Shinrin Yoku the time outside and the experience can be extended or adapted.  For instance we have done this for private family groups, for office breaks, for a group of friends.  It can also work as part of an event.  Just call. Forest Bathing is about creating a positive experience. No hard and fast rules.

We have done this in West and South West London parks as well as North London.  We’d love to do East if any one has suggestions.  Also we’ve been invited to the Henley area and as far as Wales, Southern Ireland and Spain where we were lucky enough to work with waterfalls.

How Much
For a two hour event in London, for example Hampstead or Richmond
£45 per person when you book or £55 on the day.
For up to six people or contact for ‘make a group’.

What next?
Contact to talk this through so we can include you or create an event for you.

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