The Fountain of Youth – secrets explained

Ancestral or ancient movement practices such as the daily Tibetan Rites have been passed down from exactly where and from whom we don’t know.  Just as fountain of youth with nature sensethe pyramids don’t entirely make sense in our accepted time line, neither do the detail and insights of ancient medicines such as the Ayurvedic or Chinese practices.  We are still in the west uncovering the deep science behind the millennia of their wisdom.

The fountain of youth or the Tibetan Rites is another mystery, a practice so simple but so effective.  It’s all about working with energies – alas another area our modern medicine doesn’t recognise, despite science acknowledging it.

The fountain of youth – as the name suggests – comes from Tibet.  Revealed through the monk’s ancient knowledge of the energy healings of China and India combined.The Five Tibetan Rites - fountain of youth  In doing the rites it was observed that people became younger. A beauty regime better than skin deep.  The exercises activate energy vortexes, harmonising a life force which then flows, attracting more energy. They touch our energy channels ( meridians) stimulating our endocrine system and feeding our organs.   Ultimately leading to our feeling recharged, refreshed and regenerated.  Alas this is no modern style quick fix.  The rites must be practiced ever single day after a year you will start to feel and it will be observed that you are physically between 5 and 10 years  younger.  In your way, stamina and in other’s observations.   But suiting the modern demand for speed, they take only about 10 to 15 minutes out of your day.

Improvements seen : Vitality comes back into your life.  Sleeping becomes deeper. Joints and spine feel more supple.  Eyes, senses, organs work better and energy replaces fatigue.

So to the how:  Start with three of each and build up to 21 over 4 or 5 months.  You may be able for more, but this is about organ energy, not physical ability.  All breathing during the rites must be in through your nose.  You start with the spin, clockwise – with the planet -activating your energy field for the day.  While you do the exercise, try to visualise your energy travelling through your spine.  The final rite combines both  energy directions in the one exercise.

You can combine these moves with your other exercise, more formal western or yoga, tai chi or chi kung – but they must be done daily.   Oxigenating your day, your energy.  Ideally you would also in time bring in meditation and nasal breathing.  But one thing at a time.  Let’s get these 5 movements first into your day. Visualising and energising.

You can do it – put the life into your years, not just the years into your life.the fountain of youth - secrets

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